Adam Beazley is a registered Architect in both Louisiana and Texas, and is an associate at Architects Beazley Moliere, where he provides commercial architecture design solutions. A. Beazley Design was developed to allow Adam to provide residential architectural solutions to the local Acadiana community outside of the commercial firm. Adam has been working in the Architectural field for over 10 years and has a full range of experience, from program and conceptual design to detailing and construction management. Adam is currently looking for opportunities to serve the local community by providing great architecture at a reasonable price. As a client working with Adam you will receive a one-of-a-kind design tailored to you and your families specific needs. Adam is capable of providing any design style, but favors a rustic-contemporary mix, with the use of natural materials and clean lines.  Renderings and 3D walk through’s are typically generated upon design completion to help clients better visualize their space and allow the client to provide feedback on finishes and detailing.

For the more sustainable/green client, Adam offers an array of specialties in this field. Adam is a LEED Accredited Professional and is capable of designing a LEED home or simply a very sustainable home without the extra LEED certification. Adam has successfully run a green product company since 2007 which specialized in energy efficient product solutions, alternative energy systems and green building design tips. Adam has been certified by Solar Energy International to schematically design grid tied and battery backup solar systems for customers and has developed many details and ideas for integrating the solar system into the design to eliminate the “Add-on” look of typical solar system installations. Alternative energy combined with smart sustainable design techniques can drastically lower monthly energy costs and provide a safer and healthier environment.

For the more eccentric client who is looking for something very different and sustainable, Adam has been developing an agriculturally infused architectural typology that he has coined AGrow-Urbanism.  While this innovative type of agricultural architecture is geared towards entire developments, any and all aspects could be tailored to specific applications in a one-of-a-kind house. The main idea is to infuse the house or structure with integrated aquaponics, allowing decorative fish ponds to become more than just decoration, and instead become thermal heat sinks as well as the fertilizer for hydroponic or lava rock/expanded clay grow beds. These grow beds can double as a green roof, or be located in an exterior greenhouse area and be used to grow anything from herbs and vegetables to flowers and tomatoes. This type of architecture combined with alternative energy and sustainable design is the total solution for creating a self sustainable home or close to it.

If you would like to information or if you area ready to start your dream home give me a call or email today!